Software and Managed Plans

Startup Plan

Our Startup plan is perfect for smaller companies, between one and twenty-five employees, includes a custom website, domain name, business-class email, file-sharing, phone/email staff support, and training.

Domain Name
Custom Site Design
E-Commerce Ready
WooCommerce for WordPress
Web Storage Space (For Images, Video, etc)
Features and Plugins
Professionally Designed Pages
Professional Designed Website Forms
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Google Analytics
Secure Site (SSL)
Email Provider
Business Class Email on Your Domain
Email aliases (i,e.
Maximum mailbox size
Cloud-Based Backup
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft PowerBI
Microsoft OneDrive (File sharing)
Email Marketing
MailChimp Email Marketing
Maximum Email Subscribers
Included Emails Per Month
Signup form on your site
Signup from your Facebook page
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Outlook Customer Manager
Development and Training
Website/Security Monitoring
Staff Support - Office and Email
Staff Support - Website and Email Marketing
RapidTasks (Complimentary)
RapidTasks (Max Time/Per Request)
FlexTime Development/Training - Base
FlexTime Development/Training - Additional Time Per User
Best For
Start-Ups: Less than 5 Employees
Small Business: 1 - 50 Employees
Mid-Sized Business: 51 - 100 Employees
Mid-Sized Plus: 101 - 250 Employees
Base Pricing
Monthly Subscription (Per User)
One-Time Setup Fee

Additional information

Subscription Type

Month-to-Month; No Contract Required. Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.