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What the experts say

about the importance of CRM for business growth:

Successful CRM is about competing in the relationship dimension...if you can get an edge based on how customers feel about your company, it’s a much stickier–sustainable–relationship over the long haul.
Bob Thompson

CEO, CustomerThink Corporation

CRM almost makes everyone in your organisation a sales person... for instance, customers often say things to support staff which could be used as a sales opportunity. [...] Just the recording of the information has many benefits for other departments.
Mary Wardley

VP, Enterprise Applications and CRM Software, IDC

All-sized companies need some form of CRM, and vendors are trying to get their price points down. Microsoft is delivering what it believes is a cost-effective CRM solution; it is a master of this kind of market entry.

Axel Lagerborg

Head of Software and Licensing, Ingram Micro