August 5, 2016

5 Crucial Ways a CRM Solution Can Benefit Your Small Business

Five crucial ways you can let a CRM benefit your small business.

Customer relationship management is a critical approach to mediating interactions between a company and its customers. It is a practice that requires strategy, know-how, and the use of a heavy-hitting, easy to use customer relationship management software. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics, offer organization and automation for a number of your company’s major functions, including: sales, marketing, customer service, and customer insights. A good CRM tool provides a clear and concise picture of how your business interacts with your customers, how to keep them happy, helps you navigate obstacles that prevent sales.

CRM technology is one of the best investments you can make for a small, growing business as it can manage and increase the overall efficiency of your company. Your relationship with current and future customers will receive a boost and you can focus on increasing sales and maintaining customer loyalty. With a wide range of applications and a user-friendly interface, your successfully implemented CRM can help your business achieve numerous goals in less time. Are you looking to improve your retention rate? Would you like to see higher productivity in sales? How about a streamlined approach to marketing that considers your customer’s demographics and buying habits? All this and more is attainable. Yes, even for small businesses. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the 5 most crucial ways your CRM tool can benefit your small business.

1. Organize and Automate

Above all, CRM offers a massive upgrade in organization and productivity. By centralizing your information (as Dynamics does with Project Service Automation) you can connect all aspects of your business to increase transparency, productivity and your ROI. You see, CRM systems typically consolidate sales records, quotes, customer records, marketing figures, and all manner of important business data into an organized data store. Accessing this data quickly and easily means that you can keep track of important tasks, draft business strategies, and identify sales opportunities with greater rates of efficiency. With Microsoft Dynamics multiple users can access the pertinent data as needed and collaborate on projects all within a single system.

2. Use Your Data for Useful Insights

Speaking of data… you already know that with an integrated CRM your most relevant data is always at your fingertips. But CRM software can also find the patterns that are most important to you and provide key performance indicators(KPIs) in a matter of minutes. Visual data and predictive insights deliver intelligence that can be transformed into better customer experiences and targeted customer identification.

3. Smart Marketing

CRM programs offer enormous opportunity for focused and dynamic marketing. With all the customer information available to you in your data store it is infinitely easier to discover patterns in customer behavior. With a CRM tool you can segment your data into valuable forecasts, examining customer profiles, purchase history, and what your bestselling product may be. This information can help you craft targeted marketing campaigns, appeal to specific consumers with sales, and promote your business to all the right potential customers.

4. Engage Your Customers with High Quality Customer Service

One of the most important rules of business today is to always engage your customers and maintain an active relationship with them. Not only can you improve your marketing strategy you can also integrate your email and social media activity into your system. This helpful tool will help you manage, prioritize, and interact with your customers via email and social media notifications all within a single unified platform. Microsoft Dynamics is particularly good at ensuring maximum customer engagement by providing up-to-the-minute analytics and advanced visualizations that can empower your team to continuously make improvements. Along with on-on-one customer service your CRM platform can help you use your data insights to predict future trends and anticipate questions, making your customers’ experience fast and effective.

5. More Effective Sales. Period.

A good CRM solution accomplishes far more than simply storing contact information and customer profiles. It can help you easily view and understand miles of data, sorting out trends and patterns to provide a comprehensive view of who your typical customer is. Focus on the highest potential prospects using contextual insights that draw from your data and social media. Using this information, you can target leads and optimize the focus of your sales efforts. A CRM tool can help you learn from your mistakes, catalogue every outcome of every sales call, and ultimately improve your sales strategy. This is achieved with the power of continual collecting and analyzing of data, giving you the power to continuously work toward enhancing your company’s effectiveness.

So, is a CRM right for your small business? In today’s fast-paced, high-tech business world it offers nothing but advantages. It is a simple and effective tool that can easily grow and evolve with your company and is priced affordably for small businesses and giant enterprises alike. You can customize your CRM to meet your needs and goals, turning information into action, increasing sales, productivity, and forecast accuracy while simultaneously improving customer experience. Learn to understand your customers, target your sales, and drive your business forward with a user-friendly comprehensive platform that makes your data work for you.

Without a modern CRM solution your business will be faced with a huge amount of data and administration and lose out on better, more intelligent and refined, selling strategies. Gather, manage, and use your data for the good of your company, ensuring that your future is full of quick and useful insights and analytics.