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When we first invisioned INTELLAM back in 2013, we had a list of principles that would govern everything we did.  

We promised that we would never offer implementations that we’d seen from other vendors, which forced their clients to keep them on call simply to keep the “solution” running.  

We would only create solutions that if we were on the client’s staff, we would want to use and maintain every single day.

We would fill any technology gap in our clients’ businesses with real, workable solutions that they could successfully maintain and use in their daily, monthly and yearly operations.

That is at the heart of our slogan “Remove the Complexity. Keep the Power”we remove the complexity, and you keep the power. 

These ideals are just as important to us today as they were on day one. 

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The INTELLAM Philosophy

Every solution we deliver for our clients must be:


If the client can’t understand how it works, it’s not a solution, it’s a problem.


Real solutions don’t require ongoing investments to simply keep running.


A solution that is good only on paper isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.


Real solutions deliver results on day one and continue delivering on day one thousand.


If a solution appears to require magic to work, it’s probably just smoke and mirrors.


We will never market ourselves by using our clients’ logos, brands, or names.

Today INTELLAM is a technical agency that helps dozens of small and medium sized businesses monthly.

Despite that, you will not find a list of our clients on our site nor will we ever ask you to speak to a future client on our behalf.

Your business is, quite literally, only your business.

We take the confidentiality of our clients extremely seriously — so much so, that our standard client agreement contains language ensuring that we will never use a client’s brand or name in any way — including marketing our own firm.

We refer to INTELLAM as a Technical Agency because, like the marketing or branding agencies you may be more familiar with, we exist solely to collaboratively help businesses find solutions to their problems.  In order to do so, our experts need to possess a 360° view of your business.

This requires a level of trust and involvement that we simply will not risk for the sake of putting a client’s logo on our site.  

How can you be sure that we can help you?

First, we never take on a client that we are not absolutely positive that we can help.  

Second, we offer initial consultations at no charge whatsoever.

Finally, we do not require long-term contracts, requiring us to continually earn your business.

Since we must win your trust every month, our relationship must make a continual, measurable impact on your business. 

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